This last Sunday was Valentines day.  Realtors wear many hats.  And although we aren't  usually involved in the the moving service aspect, we felt blessed to be a part of it on this occasion.   Even the kids got involved and were proud to shoulder quite a few loads amidst a game of tag or two. No doubt kids are far happier being useful than being idle or entertained.


In the next pics, you see the whole crew of movers we had.  Many hands make light work.
And many good friends make the time pass by pleasantly, quickly, & memorably.


Last, but not least...Octavius their dog got a new home.  The story goes that before the owner's brother passed away, he made her promise she would adopt a pet.  She chose this lovable Basset Hound/Pitbull.  In the pics below you can see him racing around with our kids delighting in the new-found freedom of a large fenced in yard and other dogs nearby.


All in all we felt thankful that we could have a small part in this happiness / & their story.
The day ended with a trip to Rafael's in Ooltewah for some pizza and sandwiches.