Flashback to 2 years ago, I sat in Sandy Ornelas class at T.R.E.E.S real estate school in Chattanooga.  Amidst the yawn factor of real estate law, real estate ethics which was more stimulating, real estate math, and a variety of other education we received -- I remember one of the key statements she made that caught my oft wandering attention.

   "As a realtor, you change the physical world.  Sell a piece of land.  People
    build a home on it.  The physical tangible world around us all is forever changed"

That thought really struck me at the time.  But primarily working in residential real estate, I can't say as I have really felt as if what I did made a huge difference.  You do get to feel something different even as a residential agent when you've sold a home.  When you drive by, you're like, "Oh yeah, I sold that home to Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  I know what that home looks like inside.  I know how much it's worth.  I wonder how they are doing these days?"  And sometimes you get to stop by and chat with a former client...and catch up a bit on life.

Anyway, we sold this our 2nd piece of land 5-6 months back.  It had sat on the market quite a long time and being a triangular lot next to a major road, we wondered what kind of house would be built there once it did sell.  Someone finally did notice the gorgeous view of White Oak Mountain here in Chattanooga (As if these were really mountains!?)  Having passed it many times, we have noticed with delight a behemoth of a home being built there...and felt pleased at how that will likewise raise values for the seller who still lives nearby.  And for the first time I felt that feeling that Sandy Ornelas had described, "Yeah.  Wow.  I had a part in changing the physical tangible world."  As I drive by it quite often, I am reminded of that fact.  And that feeling feels pretty darn awesome!