In perusing a variety of websites related to increasing a home's value, the following summarize best what a person might do to add value to their home:

1.  Remodel the Kitchen
     add a rolling island, backsplash, or stainless steel appliances

2.  Remodel the bathrooms
     caulk the tub, make bathroom more spa-like perhaps increase size
     stone tiling, low flow toilets

3.  Curb Appeal / Outdoor Space
     trim, mow, sealant on flagstones to give wet look, ensure deck is in good condition

4.  Paint Walls & Exterior
     Use neutral colors

5.  Clean House / De-Clutter

6.  Increase Heated Living Space

7.  Other
     natural lighting bright and airy     regular maintenance of HVAC, faucets, etc...
     put in a new HVAC unit     attic to bedroom conversion     attic insulation
     basement remodel     replacement of windows     family or sun room addition
     hardwood floors     give it a staged look     redo one room at a time
     make 2 lists decor vs upgrades and then work on both     paint front door
     use quartz, granite, corian, or marble for countertops in kitchen & bathrooms
     go green with solar powered water heater     Remove question marks
     think simple and stress free     build to last    new roof     tech smart
     mother-in-law / teen suites, flexible rooms, and laundry rooms are popular 
     sprinkler system      update plumbing     remove popcorn ceilings & wood paneling

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