Guess I tend to be a brave if a bit foolhardy soul...and likewise believe the best of everyone & all creatures including dogs.  Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but I'd never have it any other way. I revel in life experiences both good and bad.  As long as something is happening it gives a sense of 'life flow' I think.  Well today I had some happenings...And nearly all are about dogs.

Earlier this week, my daughter and I went out for what we thought would be a peaceful walk --& some door-knocking in a well-to-do neighborhood.  Right off, we approached a lovely home with an expansive yard.  There in the yard were 2 dogs.  Both were the small yipper-yapper type and I was not about to let them get the better of my calm.  So I just kept on about my business despite the one littler dog snarling & snapping at my trouser legs.  We were glad when we finally passed their yard and they no longer bothered us...having decided long before that dropping off a brochure wouldn't be worth it.  On the way back, my daughter asked me to carry her on my shoulders  (which I did)  until we passed that place.  It was comforting to find the owners had arrived home & put their dogs inside.  And so we got our brochure delivered as well.

Huge, but friendly -- I've learned by experience that 99/100 dogs are already friendly or can be psyched into a friendly state.  I do that by avoiding direct eye-contact with them, staying calm in my inmost being, and keeping on about my business.  On this driveway, there was a huge English Mastiff or mix type dog.  I walked up toward the house sizing him up mentally.  He was quietly sizing me down.  Had he fully jumped up on me he would easily have been about as tall as I am. I kept going.  When I got nearer to him, I quickly ascertained he was the friendly type.  He did haphazardly jump to greet me & attempt to cover me in doggy slobber, but I managed get to the door of the house relatively unscathed -- and then continued on my way.

At the next house with dogs were a Dalmation and some kind of Labrador Retriever.  The Dalmation feigned aggression and did a lot of barking as I approached, but as I got closer she would back off.  Once I got closer to the door, she changed her attitude licked my hand in acceptance -- and so together with the Lab I was now more worried about getting death by licking than being bitten.  Nobody was home, so I left my brochure & made for the road.


At the last house with dogs -- I walked up a quiet looking driveway.  When I got near the top of it suddenly a Pomeranian's lion-like visage appeared with another small dog.  Bemused, I soon was not, as suddenly a German Shepherd rushed out from behind them.  There was a snarl as the full size German Shepherd attacked.  Perhaps instinctively, I half-turned as it shot past me, then it attacked from behind.  And the dog bit my butt.  It wasn't a full force bite...seeming to have a slight bit of hesitation attached to it.  Never-the-less when you get bit by a German Shepherd -- you feel it!  My skin wasn't punctured, but my butt feels sore from the pressure.  I quickly began to assess how much bodily damage I might incur trying to get from there back to road. But the door swung open and the much friendlier owner stepped out, called off the attack, asked me if I was alright, and took a brochure sympathetic to all the trouble I had just gone through.

Oh, I know, one could probably press charges for things such as this.  But I respect other people's desires to keep aggressive dogs or guns living in the world in which we live.  It's awfully hard to control every moment.  And was likely an accident where he'd just opened the door to let his dogs out for a nature call.  No actual foul.  I choose to be old-school like that. On the other hand, it's a good idea to keep dogs that bite under control -- for the common good.  Too many people ignore the potential danger to children & imagine if nobody had been there to call off the attack.  I might have been if far worse shape.