A lot of us have been looking forward to the day when we can drive from I-75 to Collegedale without having to trail behind a long line of traffic.  It is particularly frustrating when people get off work.  Seems like all of Collegedale converges on Apison Pike.  

It's good to see the progress.  Phase 1 from I-75 to Little Debbie is getting close to completion. The next section will go through Collegedale to Suntrust Bank.  The roadwork is supposed to be finished, perhaps in the Spring of 2017.  

The next phase is the one we are really waiting for.  No more long waits for the multitude of trains that cross Apison Pike at the most inconvenient times.  Below is a map that give a snap shot of how Apison Pike will eliminate the train issue and connect with Tallant Road.